Reports templates

The subsection is designed for creation and editing of templates of different reports and certificates. A report/certificate may be presented in PDF format, or as a usual HTML page.

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  ID Name Description Action
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  1. Allows to select several report templates with the help of the checkboxes and perform a batch operation ([8]);
  2. Template ID at the site;
  3. Report template name;
  4. Report template short description;
  5.  Switch to the template editing page;
  6.  Delete the template;
  7.  Switch to the creation of a new template page;
  8.  Delete the selected ([1]) templates;
  9. Numbers of records displayed on the current page, and total amount of records;
  10. Page numbers, with links to the corresponding pages;
  11.  Switch to the first page of the template list;
  12.  Switch to the previous page;
  13.  Switch to the next page;
  14.  Switch to the last page.