Visitor details

Visitor ID: [1]
Time spent: [2]
User: [3]
Hits: [4]
Start date: [5]
Entry page: [6]
End date: [7]
Exit page: [8]
IP-address: [9]
Host name: [10]
Referrer: [11]
User agent: [12]
  1. Visitor ID;
  2. Time spent on the session;
  3. User data in the system (if the user is unregistered, than data for the “Guest” user will be displayed);
  4. A total number of pages visited by a user (including repeated ones);
  5. Date and time of the beginning of the session;
  6. The link to the page at which the session started;
  7. Date and time of session end;
  8. The link to the page the session ended at;
  9. Computer IP-address;
  10. Domain name, corresponding with the IP-address;
  11. Link to the page the user came from;
  12. User agent (browser);