Import Questions

This page allows one to perform question importing from almost any text document.

Import this document:
Prefixes (click to show/hide)
Question prefix: [2]
Choice prefix: [3]
Choice (for column 2) prefix: [4]
Choice feedback prefix: [5]
Correct answer value prefix: [6]
Point value prefix: [7]
Question type prefix: [8]
Question subject prefix: [9]
Question instructions prefix: [10]
Question explanation prefix: [11]
  1. Document for importing field;
  2. Prefix, which will be used for the question text field during importing;
  3. Answer variant prefix;
  4. Prefix for an answer variant in the second column (i.e. the second element from a comparison pair; it will be used only when importing comparison questions); (Reserved for future use)
  5. Prefix for feedback, which will be displayed in case a user chooses the answer variant followed by this feedback text field; (Reserved for future use)
  6. Correct answer index prefix;
  7. Prefix for the number of scores earned for a correct answer;
  8. Question type prefix;
  9. Question subject prefix;
  10. Prefix for the instructions, which will be placed before the question; (Reserved for future use)
  11. (Reserved for future use)